High School senior on a bench in a flower garden with a stack of books.

I ❤️ Seniors

This is such a great time for portraits. The years have absolutely flown by, but this period of time after junior year and into the beginning of senior year is a perfect time to hit the pause button. Ok, we can't really pause life, although many of us wish that we could. A senior portrait experience that is designed to capture the best parts of your senior is a great way to pause and capture who they are at this special time in their lives. I just love it!

I love when they have been planning their session for years. I also love coaxing the reluctant ones to relax and even (gasp) have fun during their session. I love learning about their dreams. I love hearing about what matters most to them. I love making portraits that THEY love.

Sometimes that looks like helping someone narrow down their wardrobe options from a zillion to 4. Sometimes it looks like digging into their interests to spark an idea that will really get them on board... that's how a lot of these pictures came to be, It's as rewarding to hear an exuberant "I feel like a model!" as to hear a relieved "That wasn't as bad as I expected."

I offer a variety of sessions that will meet the needs of your senior in the form of a quick 15-minute session, or an elaborate multi-location session.

High School senior on a wakeboard at sunset

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