Meg Hatch

This is pretty much us. We're not gussied up with coordinated outfits... heck, most of us probably aren't even showered. It's us after our boys came home (from Massachusetts and Pennsylvania) to celebrate our youngest's 12th birthday. It was a memory I never want to forget. It was a wonderful surprise and a weekend full of goodness.

I think on an "about me" page I am supposed to tell you some basic facts about me and my background. But are you really going to hire me because I am a mom of 4 kids ranging from elementary school thru college, or because of our dogs Harley Quinn & Ginger the Wonderdog? Do you really care that my photography education has been self-directed and never-ending? Is it meaningful to you that I love collaborating with other photographers & creatives? All of that is true.

If you’re here on this page I can assume that you like my style of photography and appreciate the consistency from one shoot to the next. I hope that you can picture yourself in my photographs and not have concerns about the technical aspect of my work. I know how to manipulate my tools to meet a wide variety of lighting and technical challenges that will allow you to look your very best.

I don't think that's why people choose Meg Hatch Photography. I think it's because when your session is over, your time with me will have been fun and relaxed and sometimes silly and crazy, and occasionally subdued and meaningful. I think it's because you trust that I will deliver some really pretty posed pictures, and plenty of playful ones, too.

I want you to feel like Steph, who said:

I feel so beautiful I want to date myself!

I want you to feel like Laurie, who said:

Each one is beautiful and warms my heart. She made everyone feel at ease (not always easy to do with our 9-year-old!) and you can tell by the pictures that we were all relaxed and enjoying the process.

I want you to feel like Sheila, who said:

Meg made me feel comfortable and beautiful during my maternity shoot which is no easy feat at 36 weeks pregnant! I will always treasure the photos she captured from this special time!

I want you to feel like Shannon, who said:

Meg has been taking our family pictures for 4 years and my professional headshots and photos for much longer. She has a knack for making you feel comfortable and relaxed - like you are just hanging out with an old friend. She has a creative eye and the end result is a work of art and not your typical family picture. I look forward to next year, and the year after that, and the year after that,...

I want you to feel like Darianne, who said:

Meg captured so much more than our photos that day. She created a lasting memory for us all. I will forever be thankful for the work she did for us and will certainly be a returning customer.

I want you to feel like Sarah, who said:

Her gentle and relaxed demeanor made it very easy for all of us to feel at ease. We laughed and laughed as she was able to bring out and capture the humor and character of our children, ages 15, 13, and 10.

I want you to feel like Spring, who said:

Meg was just AMAZING for our family photoshoot! Not only did she choose locations that fit our family perfectly, her ability to interact with each family member and make them feel comfortable, and draw out their unique personalities just made for truly "US" photos. Her attention to detail helped us relax because we knew SHE was thinking of everything. We just needed to follow her lead and it would come out beautiful. And they did! The photos are keepsake quality. 

When time passes and you walk by the photos that are decorating your walls, more than anything, I want you to feel the memories of the day we made them.

I can't wait to take your picture.


I've been married to Rob since 1996. He makes my coffee every single morning and never hesitates to jump in a picture with me. This is my favorite picture of us.